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Five days. Only FIVE MORE DAYS. OTL

The JLPT (aka Noken) level N3 is hunting me in my dreams. S- seriously... I shouldn't have signed up, I'm probably going to fail anyway. My Japanese teacher is convinced I'm going to pass, and it makes anxious to deceived her. SENSEI, IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT, IT'S MINE! LOL

On the other hand, I should look on the bright side of life: I've never learned a language this quickly (well, not that I know Japanese, but you know what I mean). I spent lots of years (since I was 8 or 9 y/o) trying to learn English, and I still fail a lot, specially when it comes to grammar and pronunciation. With French was more or less easy since it's a romance language like Spanish, but after years without using it, I forgot almost everything... OTL So I guess it's not that bad, isn't it? (tell me I'm right).
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Dear volcano Eyjafjallajokul of Iceland: I'm wondering if you will let me flight to London next week. Tell your lovely cloud of ashes to dissipate, NOW.


I'm planning to go to London on the 18th, but only if that cloud of ashes lets us (my friend and me) fly to Gatwick. I'll cry if they cancel our flight, after all the preparations we arranged. It's our first time visiting British soil and we had planned lots of things, including visiting the most famous places (the Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey...). I'm also dying to visit museums (specially the British Museum, the Victoria & Albert Museum, the Tate Gallery... or the Sherlock Holmes museum <33333). Anyone in my F-list knows if we can find in London any Harry Potter attractions as well? ^_~

Oh, just an advice. NEVER EVER place a trip before your final exams like I did. Just after returning from London, the next day I'm having the first final of this term. I KNOW, I'M CRAZY. BUT I DON'T REGRET. Do I?
I accept suggestions, guys: how I can learn the whole American history, from the thirteen colonies to the present day, in only 10 days? 8D
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Only a few days more and I'll be free.

Exams are driving me crazy. Seriously. I can't read books, I can't go out, I can't sleep. I think I can't remember the color of the skies. Everything is studying, studying and studying. WHY I STARTED TO STUDY AGAIN, I WONDER. But then, I remember I'm doing this because I like it and have future plans. Oh, dreams.

Er, sorry for the drama!ramble ^^;;; *digs a hole and hides*

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