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2016-08-20 04:29 pm

Garage Sale: Other fandom's doujinshi

I have more doujinshi to sell, but since they were only one or two titles per fandom, I didn't think they deserved a whole post for every one of them. That's why I compilled them all in this post. I swear I had more Yami no Matsuei djs but I was apparently wrong... Anyway! Most of these are old fandoms but maybe some nostalgic fans (like me) will apprediate them.


Name: Dive to Blue
Fandom: Yami no Matsuei

Ship: Tatsumi/Tsuzuki, Muraki/Tsuzuki
Rating: R18
Warnings: Explicit nudity, explicit sex scenes, shota
Pages: 78
Price: 12.95
Tsuzuki gets de-aged and then, trouble ensues. This book contains shota*.

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2016-08-18 05:34 pm
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Garage Sale: BJD Oriental Lycoris Siamy

I'm pretty much desperate to sell things, and after the doujinshi sale fiasco, I'm now looking at my BJDs in order to gain some money. Please, please, if you could signal boost this, I would sing and dance at your wedding appreciate it very much.

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2016-08-10 06:58 pm

Garage Sale: Kyou Kara Maou

Here you have my KKM doujinshi. As you can see, most of them are Conrad/Yuuri. These cuties also need a new home, so consider taking a look at them!

Name: Tune the Rainbow
Ship: Conrad/Yuuri
Rating: R18
Warnings: Explicit nudity, explicit sex scenes
Pages: 24
Price: 9.95
A KKM doujinshi focused on Conrad/Yuuri. Very explicit.

More KKM goodies here )
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2016-08-10 02:54 pm

Garage Sale: Yun Kouga Doujinshi

As you can deduce from my icons, I love Loveless and Yun Kouga. And in the past, I collected some of her doujinshi (or, at least, her artbooks, Loveless books and Naruto books). Unfortunately, I need to sell them as well. I hope they find a new home and their new owner takes care of them as much as I've been doing.


Name: みみとぼく (Mimi to Boku)
Ship: Gen, Seimei/Ritsuka
Rating: PG
Warnings: A suggestive scene but not a big deal
Pages: 24
Price: 16.95
A Loveless doujinshi focused on funny and cute stories. This doujinshi was drawn by Yun Kouga, mangaka of Loveless, Earthian, etc.

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2016-08-10 02:30 pm
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Garage Sale: Lamento Doujinshi

More of my babies I'm forced to sell. This time, Nitro+Chiral's Lamento.


Name: Cat's Wonderland
Ship: Gen, various couples
Rating: PG
Warnings: Suggestive scenes but nothing explicit
Pages: 28
Price: 8.95
A Lamento doujinshi focused on stories among the characters. Funny and fluffy.

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2016-08-09 10:31 pm

Garage Sale: Fullmetal Alchemist Doujinshi

My FMA doujinshi. Please, consider checking all of them! They may be old titles but they're really well drawn and the stories are really compelling!


Name: Bridge
Ship: Alphonse/Edward
Rating: R18
Warnings: Explicit nudity, explicit sex scenes
Pages: 54
Price: 14.95
A FMA doujinshi focused on Alphonse/Edward. Very explicit. Reserved!

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2016-08-09 07:45 pm
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A cry for help

Hey there!

I know I haven't updated this in, well, years now. But I need to use it again to promote some of my Ebay sales.

Due to personal reasons (I've been struggling with depression and anxiety in the last year), I had to leave my job and now I'm in need of some money to move from my parents' house and pay my master degree. What I want to study is in another city, an expensive one. I managed to pay the first payment (almost 1000€, holy smokes!) and there are 6 more to go, and I will also need money to move and pay the rent. I can't ask my parents for money (they wouldn't give me a cent anyway).

I wish I could ask for commissions but I'm zero talented at anything. I used to draw in the past but not anymore, and I can't write to save my life.

The only thing I can exchange for money is my vast collection of anime stuff. During the 2000s I had a steady job, so I amassed a good collection of doujinshi based on anime, videogames and visual rock. I also have a few BJDs which I'm probably going to sell as well when I figure out their price in the market. If you could signal boost the hell out of this, I would be very very grateful!

Hetalia Doujinshi * Full Metal Alchemist * Yun Kouga (Loveless, Naruto) * Lamento * Kyou Kara Maou

Yami no Matsuei * D.Gray-man * Ace Attorney * Gankutsuou * Gackt * From Eroika with Love

Dearmine's Oriental Lycoris Siamy

Volks' FCS F28

Volks' SD13 Nono

DoD's Bee-a

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2016-08-09 07:37 pm
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Garage Sale: Hetalia Doujinshi

I'm selling through Ebay some of my most treasured doujinshi. I really really hope these babies find a new home to live and a new owner to be taken care of!


Name: Kitayume Anthology Hetalian
Ship: Gen
Rating: PG
Warnings: Some non-explicit nudity, non-explicit violence
Pages: 358
Price: 24.00

An anthology which includes a huge number of artists and writers, including the very same Hetalia's author, Hidekazu Himaruya. The books is mostly composed of short stories and comics.
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2012-04-10 02:18 pm
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Help with French

Is anyone here French or at least, fluent with the language?

Are these sentences right?

  • Quand ils s’apprenaient de la nouvelle, ses parents étaient en train du dîner tranquillement.
  • Nous étions très joyeux et nous attendions cet moment avec impatience.
  • Pierre me dit qu’il n’est pas d’accord avec son père sur ce sujet.

Tedious homework is tedious.

I’ll give you my firstborn if you can help me.

Shamelessly crossposting this on Tumblr.

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2012-02-15 08:27 pm
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Last night I had the weirdest dream ever

I wrote this on Tumblr and I'm crossposting this here because of reasons, ahaha... OTL

There were two Gatiss!Mycrofts in my dream… well, they were more like twins? And both Mycrofts were sitting in a couch, in front of Sherlock who was wearing a fur coat. He was obviously feeling very hot because they were in the middle of the summer and he was sweating too much, but he wouldn’t take off his coat…

But then, the two Mycrofts started, er, kissing each other. Passionately.

Does that mean I'm, er, sexually frustrated?


Please, don’t judge me.

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2012-01-04 04:08 pm
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Hey, guys...

...are you on Tumblr? :D I may not be very active here, but I do reblog like there's no tomorrow on my Tumblr blog *lol*

Here is my account, feel free to follow me! My blog basically contains cats, books, fandoms, architecture, landscapes, fashion, stupid memes and the likes.

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2011-04-08 10:55 am
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Writer's Block: It's cold outside

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LOL I guess I can't complain! XD But the feeling of coldness has also something to do with humidity. I live in an island, more specifically, in the southern Europe. Winters here aren't especially hard, our temperatures can be in a range of 14~3 degrees (Celsius, not Fahrenheit!). But the atmosphere here is terribly humid, so it feels colder X__x;; But alas, as I said, I can't complain XDD
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2011-03-28 11:03 am
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Meme of the events of life

I have a meme for you, guys! Stolen from... somewhere.

Put this list in the order it occurred in your life:

Get married
Buy a house
Get Pregnant
Have baby #1
Have baby #2
Have baby #3
Have baby #4
Graduate college
Graduate high school
Meet significant other
Meet who you hoped was your significant other but wasn’t
Move out of parent’s house for good
Start college
Become gainfully employed
Buy a car
Get drunk for the first time
Get a cell phone
Get divorced

Me! )
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2011-03-13 02:53 pm

Is there any hope?

I guess this is everything I can do for now...


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2011-02-17 10:36 am

Writer's Block: If I could find my way

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OMG! If I had a time machine or something, I don't know if I would be able to choose only 1 destination! As a history geek as I am, there are so many things I want to see in the past! ;;
For instance, I wouldn't mind to see ancient Egypt, Greece or Babylon. I'd like to make sure if Buddha or Jesus Christ really existed. Aaaand, I think it would be interesting to see battles in medieval time, or theatre in Elizabethan era. I'd totally kill to see exploratory voyages to America in the 1600s or the 7 years war battle of Europe in the 18th century. Of course, the whole 19th century is love, specially the Victorian era. As for the 20th century, my loves goes for the Edwardian era <3

And my F-list? What would you do if you had a time machine?
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2011-01-31 01:01 pm
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Writer's Block: The name game

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The story of my username is soooooo lame! XD I've already explained it in my profile, but just in case... my journal was named after You, Gackt's guitarist and soulmate XDDD Yeaaah, I know. It's so fangirly... OTL In my early twenties I got really obsessed with Gackt and the Gacktjob, specially You. I really admired his work and his talent with the guitar, so I decided to pay him homage and thus, this LJ was born.

I thought several times about changing it... but I'm way too nostalgic ^^;;
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2011-01-04 03:07 pm
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First dream of the year

Last night I had a dream: I was writing in my LJ until I noticed I was doing it in Spanish. I said to myself "hey, most of your friends in your F-list won't understand it!". WTF?? Sorry, subconscious?? I think I don't get you...

Oh, thanks to my dearest dear [ profile] nylara_black I received my Hetalia One Coin figures round #2. They're so beautifully made! Specially the painting! <3

Only 1 photo... oh well )
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2010-12-31 03:31 pm
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Happy New 2011~!


(In advance, since it's 2.30 p.m when I'm writing this XD)

I hope this year is better than the previous one for you and your family, guys! ^__^

What about a recycled meme? XD

Meme, MEME, MEME!! )
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2010-12-25 01:21 pm
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Merry Christmas!

¡FELIZ NAVIDAD! メリークリスマス!

Sorry for the lame photo-manipulation! XD
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2010-12-04 04:38 pm

I have no words to describe my feelings right now...


My flight was cancelled due to a some sort of "air traffic controller strike", so I can't go to Barcelona tomorrow and take the Noken.


Of course, I also paid for the exam.