Feb. 17th, 2011

forestoffairy: (I make nerds look cute [Loveless])
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OMG! If I had a time machine or something, I don't know if I would be able to choose only 1 destination! As a history geek as I am, there are so many things I want to see in the past! ;;
For instance, I wouldn't mind to see ancient Egypt, Greece or Babylon. I'd like to make sure if Buddha or Jesus Christ really existed. Aaaand, I think it would be interesting to see battles in medieval time, or theatre in Elizabethan era. I'd totally kill to see exploratory voyages to America in the 1600s or the 7 years war battle of Europe in the 18th century. Of course, the whole 19th century is love, specially the Victorian era. As for the 20th century, my loves goes for the Edwardian era <3

And my F-list? What would you do if you had a time machine?

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